How To Use Our Photo Booth Template Designs in Breeze DSLR Remote Pro

In this episode of the Photo Booth Owners Netcast I show you how to use our photo booth template designs in Breeze Systems' DSLR Remote Pro. As you will see the process is straight forward and will only take a few minutes. Make sure to stop by the Design Shop and pick a template or two today.

In this session I will show you:

  • How to quickly locate Breeze ready designs in the Photo Booth Owners Design Shop.
  • How to make a purchase selecting the license suited for you needs.
  • How to extract the download design package.
  • The contents of the design package and where to find information you will need.
  • How to use the print design assets inside of Breeze's software.


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Items mentioned in this session:



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I hope that you have enjoyed this session and have learned how easy it is to use one of our premium photo booth print designs with DSLR Remote Pro and other Breeze software.

Until next session, happy boothing!

  • Thank you for providing these as well as the support that foray along with Photobooth software. Have not gotten much support from breeze. As a newbie, I have had a number of questions and no real support, or most likely " Its in the manual". Not really the help I need. So Thanks!

  • Don Fortner

    I am a new user to PhotoBooth. I am having the most difficult time with Breeze software as it seems to change on a weekly basis as to issues. My most common issue is that I cannot get any help from Breeze support. I am experiecing the following at an event:

    1. Press Start to continue
    2. Live view comes up and picture is taken.
    3. Then the screen goes blank and returns the previous pic to preview and it continues to remain on the screen as the next countdown has already begun.
    4. At this point the preview does not go away; just another pose has been taken.
    5. The only way I have been able to release the preview is to click the left mouse button, which in turn provides the next live shot.
    6. This is coninuous throughout my event. Very frustrating. I know that it must be a setting in the setup process. I just cannot seem to make it work like it is supposed to.

    I have a GatewayTouchscreen All in One computer, with a Canon Dslr T3 camera running on M.
    Is there anybody that can help me get this right. I can get no help from Breeze except to refer to the manual. I cannot tell you how many times I have tried to fix this by reading the manual.

    PLEASE HELP! Two BIG Events this weekend.
    Mike I do appreciate the helps through the PhotoBooth Owners site. Very much needed. Look forward to being able to use some of the templates when I get Breeze running correctly.

    Patiently Waiting to see this work correctly !

    D. Fortner


    use camtasia studio next time with automatic zoom in so people can actually see what you are typing. the opening tile words were neat what program was used for that?

  • Troy Aossey

    Is it possible for me to pay you to create specific overlays for my photo strips and 4x6 prints ?

    • When time allows I do take on some custom work. If it is a great general idea I also release designs tailored to your needs but that will fit others also. This allows for me to offer a lower price to you.

  • TammyKay519

    I purchased and downloaded one of the template designs. However the coordinates provided do not seen to be correct. Rather than making full use of the entire 4x6 print area the layout seems to be limited to one section of the page. I'm using Breeze DSLR Remote Pro. Any suggestions?

    • Reply to the receipt email sent to you and we'll work with you to ensure everything is correct.

  • James

    I made a template how do you get the coordinates of the photo shop to put into breeze software
    Thank you for your help

  • Brad

    1st time buyer of eternal flame 2x6 template and coordinates don't make sense. In Breeze there's only Left, Top, Width, Height, and Rotation. There's nothing for Right. Watched your how-to video, but you skipped over entering coordinates, which for a beginner like me, was terrible. Please help!

    • Brad, sorry for the delayed response I am just now seeing this comment. Where are you seeing right?

  • Brandi

    i just purchased striped elegance. I have the Breeze software. Can I change the background color on this, or will it always be black??? Also I am use to only 3 pics on our strips, Do I just need to change the number of pictures taken to 4 in my photobooth set up????

    • Brandi

      also I on my background jpg, it doesn't have the over lay on it just the black background... how do I get the over lay and the text on it?????
      thank you 🙂

    • If you purchased a 4 photo strip you will need to program all 8 photo locations into Breeze. You can use a profile to do this and then have both 3 and 4 photo strips. Instructions are in the manual starting on page 38 (

      With color adjust you can always change the background. This template has been updated to use our newest system that provides all of the David's Bridal color palette to you in a couple clicks.

      Are you using Photoshop CS2 or higher or Photoshop Elements?

  • Danielle

    I've been using the Breeze software for the past few years. Now suddenly my backgrounds are not showing up. I enter my desired background into the photobooth short cut folder as "background" and it's not printing on the strip. I have it saved as a jpeg file. What am i doing wrong?

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