How To Use Our Photo Booth Template Designs in Photoboof

In this episode of the Photo Booth Owners Netcast I show you how to use our photo booth template designs in Photoboof 7. As you will see the process is straight forward and will only take a few minutes. Make sure to stop by the Design Shop and pick a template or two today.

In this session I will show you:

  • How to quickly locate Photoboof templates in the Photo Booth Owners Design Shop.
  • How to extract the download design package.
  • The contents of the design package and where to find information you will need.
  • How to use the print design assets inside the Photoboof software.


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Items mentioned in this session:



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I hope that you have enjoyed this session and have learned how easy it is to use one of our premium photo booth templates with the Photoboof software.

Until next session, happy boothing!

  • Cliff

    I did all of the above but somehow cannot get the background design to show. The layout shows in the preview but the images (confetti bday or simple heart) do not.
    Am I missing something? Please help!

    • Are you saving the overlay file (overlay.png) with transparency after editing?

  • jhonny

    setting up photoboof with photo booth connected?

  • Robin

    Just purchased one of the holiday templates and can not get the layout to work. Photoboof does not recognize the layout. I have imported all of the files into the layout folder and it only recognizes the co-ordinates txt file. You said in the video this file is not needed for photoboof. Help….

    • Updated files are on the server. Please download them and let me know if they resolve the issue you are experiencing.

  • Mary

    I purchased the Decorated Holiday tree. This is my first download
    and I am totally new to this stuff. I see the files, and followed your
    instructions, but it is not working. All I see on the strip is 4 stock
    photos. In the layout editor on background image and mask there are
    files listed, but they don't show on the preview. This is my first

  • Mary

    I purchased a holiday postcard template. I can't get it to fit on the 4 by 6 print out right. It is small and horizontal. seems like it should be larger and vertical... What do I need to do?? help

  • Jonathan

    I just downloaded a template for the first time. Is there some step-by-step instructions for using the templates in Photoboof.

  • Corey

    I am having trouble viewing the text in the preview on photoboof, It doesn't show up. I edited the text in photoshop. Any help would be great. This is the snowflake template

    • Corey, did you save the assets again? You will need to save the background.jpg file at a minimum for this template. Take a look at

      • Corey

        Yes, i did that. Does it matter where I save it? Does it need to be saved in the layouts in photoboof? I would think it would show up even if I didn't edit it. Even after I downloaded it and tried it the text didn't show on the preview

      • Corey

        I got it! I had to pick the path in the editor again once I saved it for some reason. A few hours of playing with it finally paid off

        • That is strange. Thanks for sharing an update!

  • Mary

    I just entered in the striped elegance photo strip into photoboof. There is a small white line on the photo strip on the right where the photo box is for all pictures. It is only on the photo box. And on both strips I do not see a photo box border.

    • Mary, can you send me a image of this? help[@]

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