Sparkbooth Improves Layout for Small Touch Screens

SparkboothSparkbooth continues to pump out revisions of their software with slick new features. They have released 3.5.35 which brings an improved layout for small screens and a nice feature call touch lock. By touching the lower left corner you can lock and unlock the software. This is a nice feature if you are setting  up your booths early and returning to operate it during the event.

Below is a short video they have released to YouTube highlighting the new functionality of their photo booth software.

Other changes in this release include:

  • Improved layouts for small screens (smaller than 800 x 600).
  • Added touch/hold lower left corner to toggle lock. Useful for touch screen users!
  • Auto lock app on start up option.
  • Re-enable virtual keyboard to app lock password.
  • Cancel session during prompts and preview.
  • Improve refreshing of album mode.
  • Ready email provider for Guest Upload Chooser.
  • Spaced not allowed in settings url and api input fields.
  • Spaces not allowed in license unlock dialog.
  • Ctrl+F should not toggle fullscreen when locked.
  • Prevent minimizing when locked.

Sparkbooth and their constant upgrades to their product are truly becoming a viable option in my eyes. Especially since they released a commercial version of their software. I believe that once they have released their beta version with D-SLR support this will truly be a great product for our industry.

To download this update visit the Sparkbooth website.

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