PBO Netcast 002: Buzz KC Photo Booth owner Darren Wright

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In this episode of the Photo Booth Owners Netcast, I am joined by Darren Wright, the owner of Buzz KC Photo and talk photo booths. Buzz KC Photo serves the greater Kansas City metropolitan area in Missouri.

You can find Darren and Buzz KC Photo online at the following:


I would like to thank Darren for being the first guest of the Photo Booth Owners Netcast! If you are interested in being a guest please reach out to me on the blog, forums or email me at mike[@]photoboothowners.com.


If you haven't already please stop by our Youtube channel and subscribe. Your support is greatly appreciated!



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  • Darren

    "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain" 🙂

  • Carl (aka carlrez)

    Hola Mike...really enjoyed the netcast, buddy. I especially liked the tip about sending marketing letters to schools addressed to "Prom Committee". I think you've mentioned it in the forum before but this was a good reminder.

    Great job with the netcast!

    • Thanks Carl.

      Hoping to have better audio in the next interview.

  • Just noticed looking through the logs that I had a bad link above. All have been corrected now, sorry about that!

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