This years International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) Expo was as big as they get. We heard lots of folks talking about the event while it was going on and were lucky enough to have a PBO member write his observations down for us to share with.

2013 IAAPA Expo

There were more photo booth companies here then I expected. I didn't see any new technology that WoW'd me however the Slomobooth was really cool that you could pic frames to print along with uploading the slomo video ( )

I was surprised to see an EXACT copy of Tapsnaps booth from interactive entertainment. I did like their “Instacam Booth” bit I think I have seen that design as well

Digital Centre ( ) had a pretty cool projection photo booth that was pretty interactive. My biggest complaint would of been that the camera was only about 2 feet from the ground, shooting up which makes everyone look HUGE. Not a flattering angle…

The Selfie Booth was a very nice design. and the guys are great to talk too. The booth seemed to use software very similar to social booth.

I got to check out Frances Foreman‘s Guppy booths and really like their software. Their new Social share software was exciting enough for me to purchase it right then!

Lime Light was there and I love their simple booth design I would of liked to see some of their other booths besides the iclick.

There were a few “Graffiti Wall” booth software products there, as well as both very similar.

Pretty cool 3d booth that you place a print into a frame that makes the photo look 3d. Looks like a mix of the photo and the frame that gives it the 3d effect.

Other companies there were apple photo booths, super booths, and a few others.


Lime Light Photo Booth


Selfie Mirror Photo Booth


Selfie Photo Booth


 Superbooths Photo Booth

This write-up was provided by Jamie Ratcliff owner of FotoBox Photo Booths based out of South Florida. If you are in the market for a small, highly portable photo booth make sure to check out their offerings Thank you Jamie and please stop by and check out their photo booths.

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