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As a photo booth owner you are a part of one of the hottest trends in the wedding industry. Being a part of this fraternity doesn't mean you are exempt from many standard practices in the industry. As an owner you should do your best to complete these 5 things with vigor and regularity. This list is in no particular order as each of these are quite important in their own regard.

  •  Meet your clients in person.
  • Seek out your client at the end of scheduled time and genuinely thank them. It is important to remember that word of mouth is still the strongest form of advertising you have. Remember they probably had several vendors to choose from and they chose you! Taking a few extra minutes at the end of an event to thank your client will leave them with an impression of personal professionalism.
  • Do your best to provide a value-add service/product. This not only leaves your client feeling like they got their money's worth, it will also help to differentiate you from your competitors. Don't be afraid to throw in props, extra prints, free photo galleries or any other up-sell item you have.
  • Write a blog. This will allow prospective clients to get to know you and your company better. It will also help search engines to see you as an authority resulting in higher listings in their search results. Today many hosts have one-click install for WordPress these days, I use Blue Host for all of my sites. You can also purchase excellent themes from sites like Woo-Themes and Theme Forest.
  • Maintain a social presence. Yes you really need to be on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Apps like Buffer, Social Oomph and HootSuite can help you minimize the time it takes to keep a regular presence on these sites. Remember that a large portion of our market is the 20 somethings and guess where they like to hang out online.

By doing these 5 things I think you will be surprised at the increase in booking you will see. I know that they have helped me to grow my photo booth business over the years.

Do you have an addition you do with regularity that I didn't mention?

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