Raw emotion as captured by the Screamotron3000 – photograph by Billy Hunt

Think emotion, think aggression or even fear. Not typical thoughts when entering a photo booth, well a traditional one that is. Enter photographer Billy Hunt.

Billy has put a very interesting twist on the traditional photo booth with his Screamotron3000. Using a boom box, microphone and camera Billy has created a photo booth that captures raw emotion.

The photo booth is a modified boombox that remotely triggers a camera using a PocketWizard when an individual in the booth screams loud enough to excede a set decibel (dB) level. Can you imagine the excitement and interest this booth must create?

The core of the Screamotron3000, the infamous boombox

“By using a machine, I hope to offer a window through the inherently artificial process of portraiture into real human emotion” says Billy. Based on the resulting images captured I'd say he succeeded.

By recording video, in slow-motion even, just before individuals open their mouths he has captured the process we all go through in order to perform for the camera. Not to mention he has created quite an entertaining piece.

My hats off to Billy Hunt for putting such a fun, entertaining twist on a photo booth.

Is there a creative take on the traditional photo booth that you have seen?


Want to see more of Billy Hunt's work visit

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