I am happy to say that version 1.2 of Booth Ninja has been released and with it Dropbox integration! You can now seamlessly sync your templates from your account to your Dropbox and ultimately your photo booths.

You should all now be on the new platform full of lots of fixes, tweaks and new features. The most notable feature we have added in this release is Dropbox syncing.

Yes we have added complete integration with Dropbox you can now authorize Booth Ninja to access your account and sync your templates to it automatically. This is great for photo booth owners managing multiple booths in various locations. Whenever a design is licensed it will be automatically sent to your Dropbox.

To configure this go to Accounts and then the Syncing tab. Follow the 3 step authentication process and you are ready to go. You can specify a folder name of your liking for us to place your templates in. By default this is photoboothtemplates. You can also sync all of your current licensed designs by clicking the Sync Templates button.

Didn’t quite follow that? Don’t worry I documented the process in this video.



You can find this video and other how to’s and explanatory videos on our Youtube channel.
I am also building out a knowledge base at www.photoboothtemplates.com/support

Along with Dropbox integration there are tons of tweaks and fixes throughout the application. Some notables include:

  • Drag n drop of text and user graphics now displays bleed margins.
  • Font size is no longer limited to a handful of predefined sizes in a drop down list. Now there are up and down arrows allowing users to adjust text size with finer granularity.
  • Action icons on the client dashboard have been replaced with more intuitive menus.
  • Lots of fixes in the background rendering service.
  • Photoboof configuration file generation and inclusion for users that have identified their software as Photoboof.


Change Log v1.2:

Booth Ninja is broken up into 3 layers. Below is the changes that occurred in each.


  • Dropbox synching added. Users can now authorize Booth Ninja with your Dropbox account and sync files.
  • All templates can be synced to Dropbox with one click under Account -> Syncing.
  • Upon licensing of new templates if Dropbox is configured it will automatically send files to Dropbox.
  • Added Dropbox preferences, user’s can now specify the root directory name.
  • Implemented deletion of files from Dropbox upon client deletion. User is warned on the deletion confirmation page if they have Dropbox connected.
  • improved the layout editing functionality in the admin area. Now there are default values for photo spots.
  • deleting of an approved, rendered or licensed event can now be done. The actual event is not deleted only a delete flag set that hides it from the users client events listing.



  • added clipping detection for text. This will notify users when the font size and wording will will result in the text being truncated. The warning stays visible until the font size and/or wording are adjusted to ensure no truncation is present.
    • triggered by: session load, font size up/down buttons, text change keyup.
  • moved background pattern opacity slider below carousel to ensure user sees it.
  • now creates new template customization on builder load and not first save.


Rendering Service

  • fixed a bug that rendered each word on a new line for text lines 2 and up.
  • fixed bug truncating text when in between recommended width and maximum width allowed.
  • text is now fully trimmed prior to rendering.
  • now creates Photoboof package with configuration file to properly adjust the page size for accurate printing.
  • made changes to allow for templates with no text. Prior to this change null text strings threw an exception.
  • Added support for word wrapping after a hyphen.


Originally posted: http://www.photoboothtemplates.com/blog

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