This past week Breeze Systems release version 2.4 of their DSLR Remote Pro for Windows software. We have not had time to review it yet but their release notes state that this release has the following enhancements:

  • New Photobooth Setup Wizard which automatically creates all the screens and the print layout for common photobooth configurations.
  • New “clicker mode” where the photographer or users choose when to take the photos in photobooth mode.
  • Added an option to include the current printer settings when saving the photobooth settings to file. This makes it possible for a photo booth to use different printers or printer settings for each profile e.g. profile 1 might print a double strip of four photos on a dyesub printer which can cut 6×2 strips from 6×4 paper, profile 2 could use the same printer to print a 2×2 layout on 6×4 paper and profile 3 could print a single large photo on 6×9 paper using a different printer.
  • Added a quick reprint option (keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+R) when the output option is set to “Print and save JPEG copy”
  • Added {uid} token which generates a unique id for filenames and captions when shooting in photobooth mode
  • Added a timed shutter release option to the remote interface. This makes it possible for other applications to control timed bulb exposures or bursts of continuous shooting.
  • This release also fixes a problem when using a default profile to switch from video to stills photobooth mode when rejecting a video.

If you are already a registered user head over to their website and get your free upgrade. If you have began to use the new version leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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