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BYO Booth keeps at it with the latest addition of email uploads added to the growing list of ways for users to take and add photos. With email uploading now supported BYO Booth supports pretty much every phone on the planet with a camera and data connection. Very cool.

In the announcement letter Mike makes the following statement that I feel hits the nail on the head.

There's now a way to send photos with Email to BYO Booth for users who don't have Instagram or Twitter. No more worries about the old folks who have no idea what an app or a hash tag is. If they can send a photo by email, they can get it into BYO Booth.


Polaroid joins the BYO Booth Bandwagon

Polaroid has announced that they will be opening retail stores called Fotobars “where people can bring in digital photos they have stored on their mobile devices – including those in apps like Facebook, Picasa and Instagram – and get them printed.” Sound familiar? Read this article on Engadget for more details.

Mike informed us that unfortunately they are not using BYO Booth (shame) but instead their own software. Good news is that you can use BYO Booth at your events and have your very own Fotobar.


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If you are using or trialing BYO Booth please leave your experience and thoughts below or in the Photo Booth Forums and let's strike up a conversation.

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