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BYO Booth recently added Twitter wall support to the Instagram based app. A cool and novel idea that is used frequently in at corporate events.

In a recent email received the following message from the BYO Booth group.

Have you heard of Twitter Walls?  Me either. But apparently they are quite popular for corporate events and trade shows. So I added a new feature for Pro users that monitors Twitter for the same hashtag you are using for Instagram and displays the tweet in a little thought bubble under the slide show.  So now you can have both an Instagram wall and a Twitter wall!  You should see the Twitter check box under the Hash Tag field next time you update.

Let me know if you have any problems with the new feature.

While it sounds like a cool feature I am not sure how much it will be used in the photo booth industry. Though based on the nature of this product it is a great fit.

Anyone using BYO Booth and this feature? I would like to hear how it works.

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