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It is the end of the night and you're 15 minutes from shutting down your photo booth. You still have a solid line and more stragglers coming by the minute. What to do?

This can be an awkward situation for a new photo booth owner. You don't really want to say no to anyone and of course your guests don't want to be told no. So how do you cut that line off so you can start packing up?

This doesn't have to be a stressful situation and can be handled in a manner that leaves you looking like the pro. Here's what to do.

About 15 minutes before your end time, 30 if you are at a large event, find the DJ/MC and ask them to make an announcement that the photo booth will be closing in X number of minutes. Also ask them to request that only individuals that have not had the opportunity of getting into the photo booth take this time to do so. This will help limit the number of guests in line.

As the 10 minute mark approaches I like to walk down the line and cut it off. I base each photo booth session as 1 minute and therefore if there are 10 or more guests in line I stand at the end and notify any last minute guests that we have reached the end of the line.

It is very important that you do not stress about stopping exactly on the minute that you are booked until. A few extra minutes isn't going to hurt you and you might very well serve your next client. At the same time people need to respect that you are done for the evening and you should never stay more than 10 minutes past your end time.

This is no rocket science but this method has worked very well for me over the years I have operated photo booths. Its as easy as being upfront on your stopping time and being somewhat flexible and staying a few extra minutes for guests who have not had the opportunity to experience your photo booth.

Do you handle closing time the same or do you have a different technique? Share with a comment or join us in the Photo Booth Forums

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