DNP Mobile Party Print

We've got some exciting news for the photo booth and event photography industries. DNP has launched their new software Mobile Party Print. I haven't had a chance to play with it yet but hope to very soon.

Their website describes the software as follows.

“Mobile Party Print (MPP) is a new mobile imaging solution from DNP for event photographers. Install MPP on a compatible Window’s PC, configure your Wi-Fi router, connect a DNP printer, and you are ready to go! MPP makes a great rental solution for parties, wedding receptions, or other hospitality events.”

They've also released this video on their Youtube channel.

The software looks very interesting like a BYO Booth without the Twitter or Instagram interface. DNP's website lists a nice set of key features:

  •  MPP allows event guests to easily transfer photos via Wi-Fi.
  • It’s the modern version of free film cameras on the table. Event guests use their mobile devices to capture memorial “candid” shots.
  • Archives ALL of the images that it prints. Event hosts can receive copies of the digital files.
  • MPP can be customized. Create a custom start page that every guest will see each time they run the mobile app.
  • MPP can add a graphical border to each print.

I am looking forward to checking this new entry into the market out in the near future.

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