dslrBooth is the first photo booth vendor we've seen to claim Windows 8 support with the release of v1.4.0.0. On the official dslrBooth blog they mention that a few tweaks were made, as of the time of this writing these tweaks are unknown. The announcement goes on to cite difficulties with Windows 8's SmartScreen functionality  warning customers when executing their application. They also state that all releases are digitally signed ensuring their safety for users.

From their blog:

We have had several people ask whether dslrBooth works on Windows 8 or not and we actually weren’t sure of the answer. We’ve been doing some testing and have made a few tweaks and the latest version is now fully compatible with Windows 8 with one minor caveat.

Windows 8 has a new feature called SmartScreen which is meant to help in preventing installation of malware. Microsoft was quite zealous though and decided to categorize all new windows 8 software as risky software and shows users an information message that it prevented an unrecognized app from starting. We have done everything we can to avoid this warning but until Microsoft has some mercy on us independent software developers, users will have to go through this warning. To bypass the warning, all you have to do is click on More info and click Run anyway. You’ll see the publisher as Hope Pictures which is our parent company which is perfectly fine. Our software is digitally signed to prevent against being altered by anyone so rest assured the software you download from us is 100% safe. It’s a bit annoying that users have to go through this but pretty easy to get around.


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You can download dslrBooth on their website at http://www.dslrbooth.com/download/


Source: http://www.dslrbooth.com/release-notes-windows-8-suppor/

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