dslrBooth photo booth software

The author of dslrBooth continues to work at making their photo booth software product commercial ready and look to be headed in the right direction with their latest release v1.4.1 for Windows. In this release they state that the layout engine has been completely overhauled allowing them to add new layouts quicker than before.

The most important item in my opinion is unfortunately still under consideration and that is the ability for end-users to create their own layouts. I believe this to be critical to their success as the 2 or the 3 major packages have allowed this for years. The ability for booth owners to generate extra income through design up-sells is important and drives a low cost revenue stream. I have written on this before if you would like to hear more check out Generate Extra Income With Premium Print Designs.

This release also includes two new layouts. Also stated is that this update is only for Windows but a Mac version is coming very soon.


“Have another layout in mind? Contact us and send us a link or e-mail us what it looks like and we’ll do our best to add it.”


Consider this my request/suggestion to add the ability for users to create custom layouts and for individuals like myself to offer professionally designed layouts to booth owners.

Download this version from their website: http://www.dslrbooth.com/download/

Source: http://www.dslrbooth.com/release-notes-v1-4-1-for-windows-new-layouts/

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