The PBO Templates Manager software is a tool we've created to help reduce the effort required to work with PBO Design Shop templates. It automatically syncs all purchases to your Windows device. Gone are the days of downloading templates individually, unzipping them, remembering where to put them. It's now all done for you and presented in a friendly, searchable grid.

Not only does this tool sync and unzip your templates it also provides a simple workflow for creating client specific copies of your templates for editing. If you use our templates and are not using the Templates Manager I highly recommend that you start today. It's going to make your life a lot easier.

In this video I demonstrate how to quickly make a client event copy, modify it, export it and import it into dslrBooth Pro in only a couple minutes. I bet you're spending more time than that today.

Using dslrBooth Pro? Try this technique today by downloading the PBO Templates Manager.

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