Flip Book Photobooth software by Breeze Systems allows your guests to capture a short animation and play it back by flicking through the pages of a printed flip book.

In this release Breeze has added green screen capabilities to the flip book photobooth event software. Photo booth operators can now shoot guests in front of a green background and the software will automatically replace the green background with the background of your choice.

A slick new feature is that the background can be a movie or animation or a simple image. Green screened images are displayed in the live view images so that guests can interact with the virtual background when filming the flip book images.

Breeze is has a special offer for you. Purchase Flip Book Photobooth for only US $199 and save over 20% on the standard price of US $250.
Offer valid until the end of October 2012

This release is a free upgrade for all registered users.

Is anyone using this software package? If so how has it been received at events? Leave a comment below and let's talk flip books!

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