In this episode of the Photo Booth Owners Netcast I show you how to use our photo booth design layouts in Sparkbooth 3.5. As you will see the process is straight forward and will only take a few minutes. Make sure to stop by the Design Shop and pick a template or two today.

In this session I will show you:

  • How to quickly locate Sparkbooth ready designs in the Photo Booth Owners Design Shop.
  • How to make a purchase selecting the license suited for you needs.
  • How to extract the download design package.
  • The contents of the design package and where to find information you will need.
  • How to use the print design assets inside of Sparkbooth 3.5.


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Items mentioned in this session:



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I hope that you have enjoyed this session and have learned how easy it is to use one of our premium photo booth print designs in Sparkbooth 3.5.

Until next session, happy boothing!

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