netcastWell I am excited to say that the Photo Booth Owners Netcast is getting ready to kick off! I am in the final stages of having my home studio setup and running. I have been planning on doing this for some time and am very excited to be almost there.

My focus for the netcast is to share insight into the photo booth business and to continue to build a strong community of independent owners. This has been the focus of this blog and community site since I launched it in April.

Currently I plan on publishing a 20-30 minute episode at least once a month. It will feature ideas, trends and general thoughts in our industry and most importantly some of you. I plan to interview members in the community to highlight their successes and share insights into running a successful photo booth business. Also I am considering speaking with various vendors in the industry to gain insights into their offering and general outlook for the market. If you have any suggestions please leave a comment below.

I have setup the Youtube channel that will host the netcast episodes. Please take a second and subscribe at (content coming soon). This is where the official netcast will be published. I also plan on releasing an audio only podcast with each episode.

In case you are interested in setting up your own netcast here is a list of equipment and software that I am using for mine.




If you are interested in being on the netcast please contact me at or send me a PM in the forums. Again if you have any topics or ideas in general for the netcast please leave a comment below.

So I guess the ultimate question is, will you be watching?

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