Photo Booth Owners sponsor FotoMaster is changing the way mirrors function in the photo booth world. Their awesome Mirror Me Booth product is not only stunning to look at but extremely flexible with an amazing interface. Curious just what the Mirror Me Booth is? Watch this short video from their YouTube channel. I think you'll agree this thing is sweet!


How Does Mirror Me Booth Work?

As soon as the guests approach the Mirror, they will be amazed by this new technology. The guest will be able to touch the mirror and take their photos, while the mirror kindly gives the guests compliments and lead them through the fun workflow that you planned for them. If you choose so, the guest will also be able to sign on the mirror and even have a fun screaming contest which will also be printed on the photo. The Mirror Workflow, Animations, and Photo Layout is fully customizable to your liking. Many out of the box layouts and workflows are already included as well.


Notable Features

  • Custom Workflow Builder
  • Custom Layout Builder
  • Out of the Box Premium Animations
  • Screaming Contest
  • Neon Signature On the Mirror
  • Preview FeatureLast Raw Photo Preview
  • Save Feature
  • Print Feature
  • DSLR Support
  • Webcam Support
  • Custom PNG / SWF / JPG as animations
  • Vertical & Horizontal Layout Support
  • Photo Strips
  • Gestures Detection
  • Number of Copies Selection

Whoah that's a flexible package! You can find out full details for the Mirror Me Booth on the FotoMaster‘s website.

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