The lack of Windows 8 drivers by DNP and Hiti have tripped up more than one photo booth builder/owner. If you have purchased a PC in the past month or so (since Windows 8 launched end of October 2012) then you know about the lack of a Windows 8 drivers by both these manufacturers.

The problem is that two popular brands of the portable dye-sub (dye-sublimation) printers, DNP and Hiti, have not released Windows 8 drivers to date. Since new PC's now come loaded with the latest OS from Microsoft this lack of driver support is a real problem. This probably has you in a bit of a pinch and contemplating installing Windows 7 on your new machine. Is this you?

Save that cash and don't purchase a Windows 7 license, instead check out this excellent how to written by Bill Vahrenkamp of Imaging Spectrum. Yes these instructions work for the 64-bit version as well as the 32-bit.


How to Install Windows 7 Photo Printer Drivers on Windows 8


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