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Its officially here…the PBO Design Shop got a face-lift. The old one was starting to feel, well dated. We decided how can we showcase our beautiful templates on something needing so much love. So we gave it some. We tried to make things easier to navigate and find so that you can get the templates you need in less time.

Some things we've done.

  • Better organized the home page to help you get to the template types you're looking for
  • Improved search to better locate and display templates you're looking for
  • Improved mobile functionality (yep looks better on your phone)
  • Brought the amazing Template Club VIP to the fore-front (surprised how many didn't even know it exists)
  • Showcased more of our designers awesome designs on the home page
  • Improved the checkout process
  • Added available VIP codes to the My Account page
  • Introduced the new templates widget (it'll get a spot light soon)

Stop by, check it out, leave us feedback, most of all enjoy the refresh design. The site is www.photoboothtemplates.com

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