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Custom Photo Booth Software is at it again they just released version 2.1.1 of their popular social kiosk software Photo Booth Connected. New to the ever growing set features is data collection and surveys. This functionality alone would have been great. But pair it with improved network performance, upload queuing and bug fixes makes for a very exciting release of this great software.

Let's get into the nuts and bolts of this latest release.


Data Collection & Surveys are Here

One of the most popular requests has been to add the ability to collect data from users for clients in the form of a short survey prior to uploading.  This feature is now live in Photo Booth Connect 2.1.  There are 5 user definable question fields that can collect names, emails, phone numbers or whatever else the client needs and the data is stored to a CSV file on in your event folder for importing into Excel.


Performance Improvements

Not all internet connections are created equal.  What works great on wi-fi doesn't always work so great on a congested 3G network at a trade show.  With this in mind, the way PBC uploads and queues file has been completely reworked in order to eliminate issues that may have occurred on slow and congested networks.  Random upload errors and bottlenecks should be a thing of the past, and if the network connection does happen to go down, uploads won't be lost and will instead be automatically added to the offline queue.


Bug Fixes

There's also a couple of bug fixes and tweaks that can be found in the change log.

Other changes in this release include:

  1. The addition of error checking for illegal characters in event names.
  2. Fix for the default overlay setting.


The latest version of Photo Booth Connected is 2.1.1.


What do you think about this new functionality? Is this a game changer? Enough to make you consider using this product? Share your thoughts, leave a comment or join the conversation in the Photo Booth Forums.

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