The Photo Booth Expo, the industry's largest expo/trade show is set to be back in 2022! The show will run from February 21 through the 24th. We are excited to see all our friends that we have made over the years in the industry again!

Once again the PBO is a proud sponsor of the Photo Booth Expo. We should have a discount code on tickets available for everyone one of our members. Stay tuned to save big!

What is the Photo Booth Expo?

What is the Photo Booth Expo? It is simple, PBX is the only true trade show that allows you to see every manufacturer and supplier's products on display. You have to admit it is hard to beat having the ability to compare products side-by-side.

First time attendee tip: most, if not all, of the exhibitors save their biggest sales for this show. The savings alone on a new photo booth can finance most if not all of your travel expenses.

You will find a number of sessions throughout the week. There are a couple things to remember about the session. First, these sessions are typically given by vendors that are exhibiting at the show. Second, due to the nature of the speaker these sessions will have either a general product bias throughout or a short pitch at the end. These sessions still can offer a lot of value to you and your business so I recommend that you do not write them off. Plus, the pitch usually is something special that others who did not attend do not have access to.

Looking to learn more while at the show? You will want to look into the master classes that are also available available. These classes are typically not free, but they are well worth the expense for the information that they provide. If you are really looking for educational material that is actionable and will help you grow your business then the master class series is for you.

What I love about the Photo Booth Expo

My personal favorite part of this show is that it attracts thousands of photo booth owners from around the world to Las Vegas for the week. The show is the only time each year where you can form in person relationships with peers. It is great for sharing and learning with fellow business owners in the photo booth world. PBX truly is a must go event each year!

If you have never been to the Photo Booth Expo I highly recommend that you attend in 2022. Trust me, you will be happy you did!

You can purchase tickets on their website at

I hope to see you there. If you see me please make sure to stop me and introduce yourself I'd love to meet you in person.

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