Nearly 1 year in the making Photoboof! has just released version 7.5098 to the public. This latest version boasts a series of improvements and new features including:

  • Send emails without specifying an external SMTP host.
  • FTP upload in real-time (queues files if offline).
  • Operators can now allow users to retake photos. This is configurable and can be disabled if desired.
  • Can copy strips to multiple directories. Think of multiple thumbdrives.
  • New hot key assignment.
    • F2 shows/hides the slide-show.
    • Ctrl + 1: print additional strip.
    • Ctrl + 2-9: print 2-9 additional strips respectively.
  • New green screen mode where backgrounds rotate sequentially.
  • Added ability to specify a separate layout for FTP uploading, i.e. shrink the files before uploading.
  • Added ability to specify a separate layout for email, i.e. shrink the file before sending.
  • Added ability to import settings. This can be the complete configuration or any group of settings.
  • Added ability to disable onscreen countdown before each picture is taken.
  • And much, much more. Check out the full list in the release notes at

This release of Photoboof! looks to have a ton of great new features and is definitely worth checking out. You can download a demo version from their website

Using this latest version of Photoboof!? If so let us know what your initial thoughts are by leaving a comment below.

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