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Photoboof updated their beta photo booth software on January 19, 2013 the current beta 7.6099 and adds some pretty cool new features. The release notes list the following changes.

  • Added a super fun feature: the ability to create animated GIFs either of each session or even of an entire event. You can then email them, or FTP them, or just put them on a webpage. More deets here.
  • New background chooser feature: if you want to let users choose their own backgrounds, on the “Greenscreen” folder tab of preferences, select “Show background chooser” and they'll be shown a chooser at the start of the session. For example, if they press button 1 on the background chooser, Photoboof will pick a background from the c:\photoboof7\backgrounds\background_chooser\button1 folder.

The automatic creation of animated GIFs and new background selector that guests can use are both very cool features for your photo booth. Actually this is the first I have heard of the major photo booth software vendors adding the animated GIFs support. So let's look at it quickly.

The section in the Photoboof Help File states the following.

As of version 7.61, Photoboof has a very powerful GIF Creator feature that can produce animated GIFs from the pictures in a session, or even all the pictures in an event. The GIFs are extremely high quality, and you can control the size, the speed, and add a watermark or a border, and of course email or FTP them.

Wow there is quite a bit of functionality identified there! I really like the idea of individual sessions and a single one for the whole event. I used to make something similar a few years back just for fun, but it was done in AfterEffects and exported as an MP4. I have not seen any samples of GIFs created by this latest version of Photoboof,

If you are running this beta would you please post a sample or two in the comments or our Photo Booth Forums so we can all see the quality?


The beta is available on the Photoboof website at


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