Available on the Photoboof website since November 7, 2012 the current beta 7.6 adds video screens similar to what Breeze recently added. I have not heard specifics on this nor tested the beta but I assume that this works similar to the Breeze implementation.

This release also has a few bug fixes and Facebook API update. The complete change log includes the following changes:

  • Uploading to Facebook directly from the booth is fixed. That broke in the last version when Facebook changed their API. More details here (see “Method 2”).
  • Support for the Canon T4i.
  • You can now show an animation for your Ready graphic instead of a static JPG. See the 3rd “Advanced Tip” here for more details.
  • If you edit your configuration.ini file manually or have done a lot of Photoboof updates, you might like the new feature that formats your configuration file. Click File -> Update Raw Preferences file and the structure will be updated with all the new comments and variables.
  • There's a new and much more reliable bill acceptor system. If you're using this, please email and we'll get you started with this. Documentation coming shortly.
  • Fixed a focusing error issue on some Canon DSLRs.
  • Lots of under the hood changes and improvements.


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The beta is available on the Photoboof website at http://photoboof.com/beta/

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