I never cease to be amazed by the pure joy getting in a photo booth brings to people of all ages. Experiencing this first hand can be infectious and definitely is a highlight of owning a mobile photo booth business. The ability to be part of hundreds, even thousands of peoples lives each month is a very powerful thing. That being said as an owner I am always looking for ways to add to the experience guests have in our booths.

I have to admit of all thing extraditions we have tried the photo booth props have had the greatest success. They are of minimal cost, most are reusable and there are a million options out there.

So why do props in the booth work so well?

It is simple and really no surprise why props kits are a big hit at events. Props invite guests to express themselves with the promise of a little anonymity. They invite even the shy to express themselves not typical to themselves. It is the Same reason adults still enjoy costume parties at Halloween. Its is simple props are genuinely fun and the photos taken will reflect this.

Where to get killer props for my photo booth?

This is another little gem of props kits, you can get props just about anywhere. Heck if you are crafty you can even make your own. When hunting for props I like to use several places, sometraditional and some not so much.

Some of my favorite places are garage sales (especially when looking for vintage props), the local Dollar General store, Walmart and Target after a major holiday.  Let us not forget toy stores like KB Toys and Toys ‘R Us. I also frequent several online vendors such as OrientalTrading.com, Amazon.com and CoolGlow.com.

One last would that is a must for every props kit, sanitation wipes such as disinfecting wipes.

I hope you have found this post helpful and now have more information to create a better experience for your clients and their guests.

Until next time keep boothing!

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