Heartbleed is a serious defect in OpenSSL, a core cryptographic library that is used to protect communications on the internet. This flaw affects a significant number of application and services running on the Internet, including the PBO's websites.

We have been working proactively with our web host to re-issue our certificates and ensure that our servers have been patched.

We have no evidence that PBO user credentials were compromised, but recommend that all customers change their password as a precautionary measure. You can do so at

If you have not heard of CVE-2014-0160, aka”Heartbleed”  you can learn more about it at

In short it allows anyone with the knowledge of the vulnerability to read memory on a server running this library with the bug. This includes user names, passwords, credit cards, etc. It is a serious exploit and we recommend that you check with any site you make purchases from to ensure they have addressed the vulnerability.

It is estimated that 66% of the web was running this library so you are probably affected in some way. We recommend that you change your user credentials on all sites where you have made purchases.

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