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Here we are in the last month of the first quarter of 2013, WPPI is ending and we have a new photo booth software player. Photo Booth Solutions has released their new offering Social Booth to compliment their great sweet of programs. I have just downloaded and installed the product and have not had time to do a thorough review, but my initial impression is that this could be a real player in the photo booth space.

So far the launch has been quiet but you can pick it up today from their website. There is a free trial and the price point on the software is $299. So it is a bit higher than Breeze but does look considerably more straight forward to get up and running. Since this product is so new it is doubtful that it has near the extensive customization capabilities as Breeze.

The feature set will look quite familiar to most of you that have used Photo Booth Connected 2012 PBO Disruptive Awards Winner. At a high level this looks like PBC with camera functionality.

Here is the quick list:

  • DSLR and Webcam support.
  • Automatic print functionality or user initiated prints
  • Instagram style filters a la PBC
  • Animated GIFs (always fun and recently added to Photoboof)
  • Post to Facebook, client and business page support
  • Post to Twitter
  • Email
  • SMS support (uses 3rd party SendGrid for SMTP functionality)
  • FTP uploading
  • SmugMug integration
  • Data collection

On top of this there is a handful of preset layouts and the ability to create custom layouts. The means to create a new template is similar to Breeze in that you enter the values for each photo spot into the settings screen. One difference is that it appears Social Booth only supports an overlay PNG. Photo Booth Solutions couldn't be reach to get this confirmed (I am sure they are swamped with interest). Don't worry the Design Shop templates will be made compatible with Social Booth once this is figured out.

I noticed is that the new camera functionality, DSLR in particular, is written on top of the Canon E-DSDK. This is a library provided by Canon that I have written my own software on and it works very well.

I will note that my initial impression was a bit of a sluggish feel to the software, similar to Sparkbooth. I suspect that Social Booth is written in Adobe Flash Builder. I did verify that it does not use the Adobe AIR platform.

I will be reviewing Social Booth in more depth in the coming weeks along with 2 other players bringing new photo booth software to market.


Have you tried Social Booth yourself? Leave a comment and let us know your first impressions.

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