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Social Booth 1.1.2 contains some useful features focused on making design and template creation easier and more user friendly.  The most exciting of these new features is the ability to import PBO Design Shop templates in one click.  Simply import the coordinates.txt file into Social Booth and the background, overlay and coordinates are all set and ready to go. You can also import XML files from Breeze and Photoboof to reuse your same layouts from those programs as well.  There is also now a “Template Preview Mode” to visually inspect the layouts created without having to start a photo session.

Some other popular requested features have been added as well such as:

  • Audio prompts
  • Portrait mode camera rotation
  • External Filters for customization
  • Overlay for Animated Gif Mode.
  • Automatic Survey Mode

The complete change list for version 1.1.2 includes:

  • Added template preview
  • Added ability to import xml Templates from Breeze, Photo Boof and Photo Booth Owners Design Shop
  • Added Audio Prompts.  Checkbox next to each screen background.  Audio files are located in c:\program files (x86)\photo booth solutions\social booth\assets\audio
  • Added ability to rotate Camera 90deg or -90deg
  • Added “Auto Show Survey” to have Survey appear without having to click on an upload button
  • Added “Email” check box next to survey questions to indicate if field is an email address so it will auto populate the 1st email field in Email upload.
  • Fixed photo rotation save bug
  • Fixed some template save bugs
  • Added support for 1280×1024 and 1280×720 monitors
  • Added Video Only Mode
  • Made bottom 3 filters external for customization in c:\program files (x86)\photo booth solutions\social booth\assets\filters
  • Added Overlay for Animated GIFs


You can download a trial version from the Social Booth website.

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