Get TWO FREE cases of media with DNP’s Trade-In & Trade-Up Promotion!

For a limited time DNP will be offering a Sony UPDR200 Trade-In & Trade-Up Promotion to our most popular DS40 dye-sub photo printer!

Under this program, when you purchase a brand new DS40 printer and send your old Sony UPDR200 to DNP IAM, you will receive your choice of two (2) Cases of Photo media at no charge! Yes FREE! The value can be as high as $300 based on the media choice selected.

The DS40 printer must be purchased from an authorized dealer by November 26, 2014 (check out PBO sponsors Foto Club Inc or Imaging Spectrum). Trade-in printer UPDR200 and media claim request must be received by DNP IAM no later than January 2, 2015. Follow the directions below to get this promotional Trade In program started!

How it works:

  1. Download and Complete this entire claim form. Be sure to include the DS40 serial number(s) and UPDR200 serial number(s).
  2. Attach proof-of-purchase from an authorized DNP reseller.
  3. Send UPDR200 printer, claim form, and proof-of-purchase to DNP IAM.
  4. UPDR200 must be shipped via trackable means and received by January 2, 2015.
  5. Product and all supporting documents must be sent to:
  6. DNP Imagingcomm America Corporation
  7. Trade-In & Trade-Up Promotion
  8. 4524 Enterprise Drive NW
  9. Concord, NC 28027
  10. Make copies for your records a.) Include a copy in the carton with the Trade-in printer. b.) Fax a copy of your claim to us in advance to 704-784-7196.
  11. Printer return freight is paid by end user.
  12. Media will be shipped freight prepaid by DNP IAM via UPS Ground Service.

Allow 6 weeks for delivery of media once claim is complete. Email us with promo questions to:

All returns, claims, and supporting documents must be received on or by January 2, 2015, whichever date occurs first. If any portion of required documents is missing or not filled out in its entirety, DNP IAM reserves the right to deny the claim. DNP IAM reserves the right to change or cancel this program at any time.
*DNP IAM must receive your old UPDR200 printer by January 2, 2015. All paperwork with your choice of two (2) cases of no-charge
media must be received by DNP IAM no later than January 2, 2015.

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