In case you haven't been watching Sparkbooth, John Wu over there has been working hard at building out a nice photo booth software suite. With the recent announcement of Social Booth by Photo Booth Solutions it is becoming very apparent that a new breed of software is coming to market in 2013, a socially connected one with multiple applications that seamlessly integrate.

Sparkbooth is currently offering their photo booth software Sparkbooth, Sparkbooth Layout Creator and new Sparkbooth Photo Kiosk. This is a nice suite of applications, but not the answer for everyone.

The official Sparkbooth Blog states the following for the Sparkbooth Commercial Suite update.

Updates are now available for both Sparkbooth Layout Creator and Photo Kiosk. Both these applications are part of the Sparkbooth Commercial Suite of applications, and are great complements to Sparkbooth. If you have an Commercial license you can use your activations to unlock them.

Sparkbooth Layout Creator is a visual editor for creating your own layouts to use in Sparkbooth. You can create layouts for a variety of paper sizes, photos, and customize the background and overlay images. This update is the initial 1.0 release. Changes include cleaned up UI components, and added option to toggle guidelines that divide the paper vertically and horizontally.

Sparkbooth Photo Kiosk allows you to setup a separate station for your guests to browse, print, and upload photos to Facebook or Twitter taken by your photo booth. Just network your photo booth and kiosk computers together, and point Sparkbooth Photo Kiosk at the shared folder where your photo booth saves photos. This minor update improves the text and instructions.

I have missed a few releases of the Layout Creator but do plan on checking the 1.0 release. I believe that the editor has great potential for easing the technical barrier to entry for many non-technical owners coming into the market. If you are not tied to DSLR cameras and in the market for photo booth software you should definitely take the time to review the Sparkbooth offering.


Go to the Sparkbooth website to download you copy of their software today! Download Sparkbooth

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