Custom DVDs create lasting memories

(above) Samples produced by my company It's A Photo Booth

Whether you are just now entering the mobile photo booth industry or are a long-time member it is important to differentiate yourself from the competition. An easy way to do this is to offer personalized DVD's and videos. At my company, It's A Photo Booth, this is exactly what we do and none of our competitors in the area do. Win, win! We go to great lengths to give our clients the look and feel of a truly personalized and professional product.

On the DVD we include all photos taken, all prints, traditional slideshows to music and a custom video slideshow produced using Animoto‘s amazing software. Below is one of my favorites

See more videos on at

Producing the video slideshow gives us other great ways to share their memories through our Youtube channel, Facebook page and events site ( Guests love watching the videos and there is usually lots of great buzz generated from them. .

We also custom produce a DVD cover using some of the events photos. The creation of the cover usually only takes 15 or 20 minutes and the results are phenomenal and well received by clients. You can have the covers printed at your local Staples or OfficeMax store for under $1. In all we have around $8 in each DVD and one heck of a marketing tool.

Do I have your attention now? Are you interested in adding this service or parts of it to your business model? Yes!

What you will need are only a few items and services to get up and running.

To create and share your amazing video slideshows you will need:

  1. Animoto's online service (I use the recommend and use the pro version, but the plus will work just fine also).
  2. A Youtube account, if you do not already have one.
  3. A Facebook page, if you do not already have one.
  4. A web host supporting video transfer ( I use Bluehost for my company's hosting).
  5. I use Zencoder for my video optimization for our self hosted videos.
  6. For the audio tracks you will want to use only royalty-free music. I typically purchase tracks from AudioJungle or use the one's available from Animoto.

If you are going to create DVD's you will also need:

  1. Empty slim cases (I get them from
  2. Blank DVD's. I had custom printed one's made by (excellent service).
  3. Photo editing software such as Adobe's Photoshop, which is what I use.
  4. Video editing and DVD publishing software. I use Adobe's Premier and Encore but there are other great products out there.

Remember you must differentiate yourself from your competitors and value add services such as personalized videos or DVD's are an excellent low cost way to do so. Plus think of all the potential future clients they are going to show your amazing DVD to!

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