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Each year industries such as ours see innovation and disruption (of the good kind) happen with varying frequency. With each innovation the photo booth industry becomes a little more fun, a little easier to run and ever more mainstream.

To honor the innovators, the disruptors and all around game changers the PBO website is proud to present the first annual Photo Booth Owners Disruptive Awards. Each year going forward we will ask for nominees in November and put it to a vote in December.

Before we present our winners let's quickly run through on how the nominees were chosen and the voting process.

Late in 2012 we put out a request to have our members post their nominees for the awards. You could submit any business as long as it was photo booth related. We got lots of great submission. From there we put the nominees to a vote using a 3rd party application. The voting period lasted a few weeks and we got lots of participation (thanks to all that participated). From there the votes were sanitized and tallied bringing us to today when we crown the PBO 2012 Disruptor.

The votes are in and the final numbers have been tallied and we have a winner! Shall we get this started? Drum roll please….


Second Runner-up

Photo Party UploadThe 2012 Photo Booth Owners Disruptive Awards second runner up goes to Photo Party Upload. The first of its kind, Photo Party Upload allows event photographers to wirelessly transfer photos from their camera to their iPad. Guests can then upload their photos from the iPad to email, Facebook, and Twitter. Photo Party Upload also allows for data capture, Facebook “Likes”, uploads to Facebook fan pages, surveys, and more.

Photo Party Upload



First Runner-up

BYO BoothThe 2012 Photo Booth Owners Disruptive Awards first runner up goes to BYO Booth. BYO Booth is a photo booth for Instagram, Twitter & Email. It allows users to take photos with their smart phones, have them displayed on a slideshow and take home prints. This is truly a unique solution and is definitely outside the box of the traditional photo booth.

BYO Booth




2012 Photo Booth Owner Disruptive Awards Winner

And now for the announcement we've all been waiting for. The 2012 Photo Booth Owners Disruptive Awards winner is Photo Booth Connected.

Photo Booth Connected is a social media uploader for photo booth operators and event photographers. It adds Email, Facebook, Twitter and SMS capabilities to any existing photo booth software as well as a way for photographers to offer printing/social uploading capabilities live at an event.

This software has been gaining quite a bit of publicity as of late throughout the PBO network.


Photo Booth Connected




Photo Booth Connected


There we've done it! We've nominated and voted for our favorites and your votes have chosen the first ever Photo Booth Owners Disruptive Winner!

Thanks to everyone that participated in providing nominees and casting your votes! I look forward to a great 2013 and cannot wait to see what this year's winner looks like.

So was the winner who you thought? Did your nominee make the final list?

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