Your help is needed!. Each year industries such as ours see innovation and disruption (of the good kind) happen with varying frequency. With each innovation the photo booth industry gets a bit more fun, a little easier to run and a bit more mainstream.

To honor the innovators, the disruptors and all around game changers the PBO website is kicking off the first annual Photo Booth Owners Disruptive Awards. We will recognize two categories this year hardware and software. The hardware category will honor the most innovative booth builder of 2012. The software category will honor the most innovative booth software company.

The PBO website was created to bring photo booth owners together and in the spirit of that I would like to request that you submit any nominations you have here. You can leave a comment on this post or in this post on the community site.

Nominees can be a manufacturer (such as Photoboothless), a software provider (Sparkbooth) or Photo Booth Business (One for the book).

I will put up more details in the coming weeks. The winners will be announced in mid-December.

Looking forward to everyone's input!

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