Mike BenderHello, my name is Mike Bender and I am an entrepreneur and photo booth owner. My wife and I started our business (It’s A Photo Booth, LLC) in 2009 after I built one for our wedding reception. Since then we have steadily built our small business and now enjoy a nice supplemental income to our employer salaries. There are many stories like ours. I am starting this blog to share the joys and successes of owning a photo booth business. This blog explain what a modern photo booth is made and give you tips and suggestions on starting your very own small business.

Did you know that photo booth businesses are one of the fastest growing small business types? If you have been considering starting a photo booth business you might have, otherwise you probably did not. Why start a photo booth rental company?  Photo booth businesses take a minimal amount of capital to get started, often well under $10,000. They are highly profitable with many owner/operators earning 70% and even 80% margins. Those are numbers you can sink your teeth into! But that is not all. Photo booths are only increasing in popularity. In fact they have started to become almost expected at wedding proms these days. Most successful photo booth businesses can recoup their initial investment in a matter of a few months.

Do I have your interest now? Yes I am talking about a business model that earns great margins and can show an ROI (Return On Investment) in less than 3 months and is growing in popularity year over year. Below is the trend line for the search terms “wedding photo booth” over the past 7 years on Google. As you can see there is a nice progression once popularity started to take hold in mid-2009.

Wedding Photo Booth search trends in Google

Googles trends for “wedding photo booth”


Over the coming months I will be sharing information in regards to purchasing a photo booth, choosing the right equipment, choosing pricing, software, options and much more.

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