As a business owner and especially a photo booth owner in today's market it is hard to imagine not having a website. For most of us our website is the leading lead generator, our top sales person. Think about it, each individual that is willing to trust you with their personal information is trusting you, in fact they are giving you  a vote of confidence. It is this very reason that your website needs to be professional. Gone are the days of animated gifs, scrolling marquees and blinking text. In today's market you need a website that is polished and delivers a consistent and appropriate message.

Online your website is your first opportunity to gain the trust of a prospective customer. Your website like your equipment reflects on your business's core values. It is your first chance to say “We take this serious and treat it as a profession”. This is much more likely to land you a gig than the appearance that you are an individual looking to make a quick buck.  For this reason I recommend that If you are not a web designer by trade you contract one or investigate other professional services targeted at us the small business owner.

Remember we make people laugh and create lasting memories. It's okay that you are not a professional web designer.

Don't have a large budget for a website? Don't worry there are lots of great low cost solutions for you. Here is a common that I recommend quite often to small business owners.


Ohio Wedding Photo Booth Rentals1. Get an affordable web host such as  Bluehost that has WordPress available.

2. Install WordPress (in the case of Bluehost it is as simple as clicking install WordPress).

3. Visit a theme site such as WooThemes or ThemeForest and pick a theme from their large selection.

4. Install the theme and build your website.


When picking out your theme I do recommend that you pay attention to the typography and overall readability. Remember if a visitor cannot read what you have to offer they will not solicit your services. Pick colors that are bright, cheery and pleasant. Remember what business you are in when you are making your selection.

There are two distinct advantages to this solution. First, by making use of a popular platform such as WordPress is that there is a large support community eager to help individuals such as yourself. Second, you have now leverage a professional designer to give your website a professional feel at a fraction of the cost.

With affordable template and theme websites and affordable web hosting there is no excuse in today's landscape for you not to have a professional website that works for you.

If you are interested in more great resources check out our Photo Booth Owners Toolbox filled with all kinds of goodies.

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