I wanted to pass this along to everyone in the Photo Booth Owners community as it is a great thing that Ken at Kingdom Photo Booth is doing for the victims in Moore, Oklahoma. This email went out to all the Kingdom Booth owners. So if you have considered making a donation I would like to request you use the link below.

If you have not heard what happened an EF5 tornado destroyed much of Moore, Oklahoma killing a couple dozen and injuring many more. The Weather Channel has an interactive map from Google posted at


Kingdom Family,


This has been an enormously busy and blessed week for us with the release of Version 3 and KingShare and the incredible excitement around our products.  In the midst of this excitement, it’s easy to forget that thousands of lives were completely devastated in Oklahoma by a monster tornado.  Many years ago, when Hurricane Katrina upended New Orleans, I went as part of a group of first responders from our church.  I saw both the despair and the hope in people’s faces.  The despair was wretched, but the hope that flowed from their grateful hearts just by us showing up with warm clothes, food and prayer was more powerful than any of us could have imagined.

While I am not able to personally go to Oklahoma my heart is broken over the situation.  And as the Bible teaches, “Faith without works is dead.”  So here is my offering and challenge to us all.  The Red Cross already has feet on the ground with supplies.  What they need are funds to replenish what disasters like this drain so they can be ready for the next one and the next one after that.  I am asking Kingdom Owners and people throughout our industry to donate what they can and Kingdom Photo Booth will match the total amount given up to $10,000.  The Red Cross uses a service called CrowdRise and I have set up an account for us to contribute located at  You can watch and see the progress of the Kingdom Family and other photo booth professionals.  Who knows, maybe together we shatter the $10,000 mark as we show people the true heart of our industry.

Thank you for reading this and for considering partnering with us in this good work.  May God bless your day!



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