One of the most popular questions I get each day relative to photo booth printers is “what is the best printer for a photo booth?” The answer I give can be very different from customer to customer, for a variety of reasons. One customer may want to make a decision based solely on “print quality” and/or “reliability.” Another customer may say weight is a key benchmark. Sometimes physical size and even printer color can be a part of the decision process. Not all dye sub printers are created equal. In this review, I chose several printers that produce a quality professional product in very different ways while delivering an exception level of value.



This printer has been a popular choice for the discerning event photographer for years. Since the recent introduction of its 2×6 strip cut format, it has quickly become a popular choice for booth owners wanting the best of class when it comes to print quality. The tonal gradation and flesh-to-neutral color balances delivered by the DS40 are second-to-none. We also like the robust shell of this printer. One of the most compelling testimonials about the DS40 quality can be found here. This printer has become a top choice for any booth builder wanting to offer an affordable, best of class product with or without a strip print. At 16 cents per 4×6 print, the value is outstanding.



Welcome to what Sinfonia claims is the “world’s smallest and lightest photo printer!”. This professional quality photo booth printer has very quickly become a popular choice for a number of very good reasons. At 22 pounds, this printer is truly in a league of its own. What I like about this model is the fact that Sinfonia did not sacrifice quality with the build. The outer shell of the printer is very durable considering the weight of the printer. This is the perfect fit for booth designs that require a small foot print (it has also been a popular replacement for the discontinued Sony UPCX1 printer). As a bonus, Sinfonia has added a free fully functional 30 day trial of Darkroom Software, for booth owners that have an interest in doing onsite printing outside of the booth.



As we consider the benchmarks for printer quality, each printer has its own unique blend of specifications and personality traits. The DSRX1 is unique relative to weight and size. This printer can output 700 prints on a single roll, with its 4×6 print capacity. Usually printers with this kind of capacity are well over 40 pounds, however, the DSRX1 is only 30 pounds! While the printer is popular in the “budget” category, don’t let its low price fool you. If you can appreciate the larger capacity and low cost per print, this printer is a great value.


Despite the popularity of online social media, a print delivered onsite is still the most popular form of image delivery. A print is tangible, has touch and feel, can easily be shown to others or taped to the refrigerator. While reviews like this are helpful in keeping the reader up to date on changes in technology, we also know that having a print in hand is a good way to help you make a decision on which printer might be the best choice for you. If you would like a sample print, feel free to send your request to Please include the printer models you would like a sample print from and the address you would like it sent to. You can also give us a call at 800-342-9294 and ask for a photo booth specialist if you have additional questions. There are many other photo booth printers to choose from. If the ones mentioned above do not suit your needs, check out our printer comparison chart here. We would be happy to discuss these and other output options with you.


Steve Behen started his career in the professional photography business in 1983. After receiving his B.S. degree in Visual Communications from Illinois Sate University, he taught photography for several years before joining Eastman Kodak as a technical representative in 1988. While at Kodak, he earned a Masters in Business Administration from the University of St. Francis where he received National Honors, Delta Mu Delta, for MBA’s. His background in digital printing technology and professional dye sublimation printers spans 22 years, all of which was spent in the professional technical market segments.  He left Kodak in 2004 and is currently working for Imaging Spectrum Inc. where he now manages the photo booth business for this market leader. When not working, Steve can usually be found riding his bike somewhere on the Texas landscape. He can be reached at

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