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Today I updated my DNP DSRX1 printer's firmware to enable the 2×6 photo strip printing.  There were some bumps in the road but I finally figured it out and I wanted to share my experience with you just in case you run into the same issues.

I had installed the printer drivers, but when I tried to run the RX12x6Update.exe application it told me I didn't have .net 4.0 installed so I went out to, downloaded and installed it, restarted and tried again.

After restarting it said that the printer was not installed, so I uninstalled the printer, restarted, reinstalled the printer, restarted, and tried again.

I knew the printer was installed properly because I was able to print out several test prints from Breeze without any issue.  It just wasn't cutting them into 2×6 strips.  However, every time I tried running the updater it kept telling me that the printer was not installed.

Well, I started to poke around the folders that came in the archive for the update from DNP Photo's website (

Inside the archive, there is an RX1 folder.  Inside the RX1 folder there's a Firmware folder.  Inside the firmware folder there is a DS-RX1_0110_Win32 and a DS-RX1_0110_Win64 folder.  I went into the _Win64 folder since I'm running Win7 (64-bit).  Inside there is a file called DS-RX1_0110_64.exe.  I double clicked it and Hazah!

Although the official instructions from DNP says to use the “RX12x6Update.exe” to update the printer's firmware I had to use this workaround since their updater wasn't working for me.

Here's a screenshot of the file I'm referring to that worked:




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